International Satellite Telecommunications JAPANESE


1.World Satellite Earth Stations

Mazowe Satellite Earth Station in Zimbabwe

(Zimbabwe, 1985, SC#492)

  Eastern Asia(13 countries and 1 area)
  Middle Asia and Arab(14 countries)
  Oceania(7 countries and 2 areas)
  Western Europe(17 and 4 areas)
  Eastern Europe(7 countrines)
  Northern America(7 countries)
  Carib(8 countries)
  Southern America(8 countries)
  French Africa(18 countries)
  British Africa(13 countries)
  Other Africa(8 countries)

2. Fixed Satellite Service Operators Top 25 (2013 Revenue)
1st : Intelsat
(Luxembourg)(2,640 Million dollars)

Intelsat has a long history of international telecommunication using many satellites. See various satellite Intelsat stamps. Moreover, see Intelsat Satellite List

Intelsat has launched 81 satellites till 2013.

(Zimbabwe, 1985, SC#491)

2nd : SES(Luxembourg)(2,560 Million dollars)

Direct Broadcasting Satellite of Luxembourg

SES is the biggest European Satellite Service Operator. Its head office is in Luxembourg. It has launched 23 satellites till 2013.
See Satellite List
(Luxembourg, 1989, SC#802)

3rd : France(Eutelsat) (1,790 Million dollars)

European Telecommunications Satellite Organization (EUTELSAT) was established in 1985.
First, its 4 satellites, like stamp design, were transfered from European Space Agency (ESA).
Later, EUTELSAT became a private company.
Now its sales is World third record. It has launched 35 satellites till 2013. (Satellites List)
(Monaco, 1985, SC#1495)

4th : Canada (Telesat)(839 Million dollars)

Telecommunications satellite "Anik"

Anik is a series of Telecommunications satellites operated by Telesat.

(Canada, 1992, SC#1441)

5th : Japan(SkyPerfect JSAT)(595 Million dollars)
 JSAT has Launched 21 JCSAT and Superbird satellites.

6th : China(China Satcom)+Hongkong (APTsatellite)(377 Million dollars)

7th : Saudiarabia(Arabsat) (330 Million dollars)

Member states of Arabsat is now 21. It has launched 12 satellites till 2013(satellite table)

Geostationary Telecommunications Satellite of Arabsat
  (Djibouti, 1985, SC#C217)

8th : Brazil (Star One)(315 Million dollars)

9th : Australia/Singapore(Singtel Optus)(281 Million dollars)

10th : Spain (Hispasat)(277 Million dollars)

11th :Thailand (Thaicom)(240 Million dollars)

12th : Hongkong (Asiasat)(193 Million dollars)

13th : Egypt (Nilesat)(181 Million dollars)

14th : Russia (RSCC)(177 Million dollars)

15th : India(ISRO/Antrix)(170 Million dollars)

16th : Norway(Telenor) (159 Million dollars)

17th : Mexico(Satmex)(140 Million dollars)
18th : Malaysia (Measat)(130 Million dollars)
19th : Hongkong(Asia Broadband Satellite)(108 Million dollars)

20th : Russia (Gazprom Space)(105 Million dollars)

21st : Israel(Amos Spacecom)(99 Million dollars)

22nd: Intersputnik(87 Million dollars)


 Molniya Satellite and Earth Satellite Station of Czhechoslovakia
(Czheskoslovakia, 1974, SC#1396)

23st : United States(Echostar)(89 Million dollars)

24th : Indonesia (PT Telkom)(31.4 Million dollars)
25th : United Kingdom (Avanti Communications Group)(31.3 Million dollars)

2007 Ranking

2009 Ranking

2010 Ranking

2011 Ranking
2012 Ranking

3. Other Satellite telecommunications company and organization

INMARSAT is a Mobile Communications operator.
INMARSAT has launched 12 satellites till 2011(Satellite Table)

This stamp shows INMARSAT Satellite over the Indian sea

(French Antarctic Territory, 1986, SC#C98)

United States (DirecTV)
Turky (Turksat)
Argentine (Nahuelsat)
United Arab Emirates (Thuraya)
Nigeria (Nigcomsat)

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