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Why is it the Kosmos 894?

 This stamp shows that Russia launched Kosmos 894 on 21 Feb. 1977. This is right, but configuration of this satellite is quite different from the real configuration!
(Equatrial Guinea, 1977)
Description of Sun Observer SOHO is "Man on the Moon”

 This Stamp should describe as below.   
description of Apollo 11 is "Study of the Sun"

 This Stamp should describe as below.

Israel's Satellite OFEQ isn't OFFEQ!

フレーム Colorless Japanese H-2 Launch Vehicle

H-2 Launch Vehicles were colored in orange and yellow stripe.


Which is mistake, Date or Name?
 Mercury 7(Aurora 7) was launched on May 24 1962. Mercury 6(Friendship 7) was launched on Feb. 20 1962. I think "Mercury" should be "Friendship".

Error of Flight Numbers
 "VOSTOK 2-3" should be "VOSTOK 3-4"

Mission impossible!

 Geostationary Communications Satellites cannot send radiowaves to the North Pole. Russian Molniya Satellites can do.


What goes wrong on BS-3? It's too early to deploy PV(Photo Voltaic) Arrays!

 If the PV Arrays had been deployed at the low orbit or transfer orbit, they would be destroyed when apogee kick Motor fired.  
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